Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What's cookin' ?

Believe it or not an 8" diameter log 10' long would contain about 41.7 Bd ft of wood.

Going back to the vocabulary and math parts of this if you recall the Board Foot is 1" thick, 12" wide and 1 foot long (144 cubic inches). Ugh! The dreaded volume problems of my math days. Thank you Mr. VanHalley.  So, taking the area of the log diameter * the height = volume, right? Well sotra. This should work.

 Any Log Diameter * 6.28 * Length of log in Feet / 12 = Board Feet of wood in the log

Give it a try. Maybe take a look at the trees around your home. What do you see?

Next time we will talk about efficiency and net product from our timber. Looking a board will never be the same for anyone that rides along on the "Bridge To The Future" journey as we design, plan and build Bridge #4 for the Village of South Wayne.

Puzzler - Determine the diameter log needed to produce a 4 x 4 - 10' long. Compare the gross and net board footage of the log required and the  4 x 4 - 10' long cut from it to determine the yield efficiency.

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  1. For anyone that wants to learn a more practical side of this log to lumber business just Google - Number of board feet in a log. There is a gem of a calculator from Woodweb.com there. Less work and more of what you would run into if you ever sell some standing timber.

    The more I learn the less I know.

  2. Diameter needed: 5.66 inches
    Using Google

    Yield Efficiency: 64%
    Using Google