Saturday, February 26, 2011

Like they say in the TV commercial...

 That was easy! Just like Milton explained it in his book. "The third and fourth members of all chords will be applied as the first and second except that they will be plumbed on the upper edges from the members below and clamped securely as the work progresses. The same sawing up method is used throughout the chord building." Simple as that, well sorta.
 After chord layers C and D are clamped together where the ends meet the chord is straight. The end was clamped by several long parallel clamps to the first chord layers A and B.  You can see one of the long clamps in the center of the picture above. As the blue Quick clamp bends the chord more clamps are placed to hold it in place. Note: The smaller clamps next to the longer clamp are holding the ends at a joint in the chord layers A and B.

One more chord to go!

Puzzler - For the blog visitor from Australia - Would the camber for a bridge in the southern hemisphere have to be reversed?

Tech Vocab - Lathe - Chamfer - Trunnels

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