Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Log Cabin rebuild project

This 24' by 18' story and a half log cabin found in Northwest Wisconsin was rebuilt from salvaged hand hewn oak logs in 1991 for use as a hunting shack. Over the years it looks to have been abandoned and neglected to the point of "no return" for repair.

Enter Lynn, a local to the Darlington area and her life long dream of having her own cozy little log cabin to enjoy a nice fire, book and coffee in.

So for the next few months keep watching the story unfold as I go through the process of designing, reforming and recutting these 100 year old solid oak, hand hewn logs, into the cabin of Lynn's 

Sunday July 2, 2017 - The journey begins...


Delivery. Oh, oh. Got off to a rough start. 

So needed a bit of help from the skid loader to get the log load up to my work site. Problem solved and am hoping with this hick-up out of way things will proceed more smoothly. Time will tell.

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