Thursday, July 7, 2016

Generator repair continues

After removing the blades and adding a second set of wheels to the gen stand/log mover I was able to wheel it into the shop.

With the nacelle removed I used the engine hoist to lift and separate the parts for inspection and repair of the unit.

The surprises just keep coming. Upon removal of a junction box cover this looks bad.

Looks like the wire nut did not do the job in  this case and over time the connection got hot. Could have been a disaster for sure. The repair for this will be a split nut connector to give the connection a more solid connection.

Removed the base mount from the unit. This is where the mounting plate was cracked. I broke it off the rest of the way so I could grind a nice vee into the plates and increase the weld penetration. The small angle brace welds were a poor factory job with very little penetration and will be replaced with 1/4 inch thick material. A second 3/8 inch thick is being drilled and will be edge welded to the bottom of this plate for the repair.  Same thing will have to be done for the blade mounting plate as the three holes where it attached to the generator hub are also showing some cracking.

Then it will be on to refinishing of the blades. Stay tuned.

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