Monday, June 20, 2016

Yeks! This is trouble...

Last January I hear this strange clicking noise outside and wondered if it could be my wind generator. Shutting off the generator stopped the clicking noise. Not wanting to test fate I shut it off until warmer weather. When I climbed up to have a look this is what I saw. Yeks! A crack in the mounting plate. Had this broken off I would not need a crane to take it down for repair. Gravity would have done the job for me.

My guess is that the designers got it wrong when they drilled that 1" hole in the plate for the power cord. This weakened this section and after many years of flexing caused a metal fatigue crack. My repair will be to make another plate and weld it to the existing one. I will make some other arrangement for securing the power cord in place. More pictures to follow when I get the crane in and take the unite down.

In my last post I had just repaired my SDHW system and replaced the anti-freeze in the hot loop. Then it was time to replace the pipe insulation on the roof lines. I had good weather and everything was going just fine. I should have known.

As I removed the insulation around one of the high point vents I noticed some corrosion. 

Upon removal and close examination I realized that when they say that the anti freeze should not be used with galvanized fittings they mean it. In this picture you can see the brass fitting below the other vent is just fine. So I had to drain off some of the loop, replace the fitting and then refill and vent the system. Oh well live and learn it guess.

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