Monday, June 15, 2015

Beam supports for loft rafters

 In these pictures you can see the 5x6 beam that runs under the 14 foot rafters and supports the pegged scarf joints. The beam ends were notched into the top wall log just below the scarf joints.
 The 6 foot porch areas also required some support beams but because of the scarf joint in the middle of the loft rafters two beams, one on either side was required. Because the top surface must be kept level for the loft floor and I wanted to avoid the need for another post/s on the porch/s I had a problem.
The solution was to mortise and half-tenon the ends of the two beams and then half notch where they crossed the rafter/s. The loft is now supported and only two posts are needed on the porch/s.

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