Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cabin Kit complete! Next?

The Cabin Kit is complete and listed on Craigslist, Madison, WI.  in the Farm & Garden section. Hopefully it will find a good home with some Do-It-Yourselfer that has long dreamed of building a real log cabin but just never did it because the task seemed to overwhelming.  Size 12 by 16 with a 5 foot porch and 3 foot overhangs all around to protect the logs from the weather. Features a 1/4 or 1/2 sleeping loft with plate glass front gable end.

The log work is done but there is still plenty of good honest "cabin building" work to be done. Dis-assembly, load, transport, unload, foundation, sanding logs, re-assembly, interior finish, floor insulation, floor boards, windows, loft floor, gable end glass, roof boards, roof insulation, chimney and roof steel. When finished they would truly be able to say that they built a cabin!

                                                           NEW  PROJECT

The next project, another log cabin is just getting underway. A local woman here had dreams of having a log cabin built from logs she had cut and then sawn into 6x6's about three years ago. After she found out the cost to hire local carpenters to build it she gave up on the dream. She wanted to know if I would be interested in buying the logs. After I saw the logs and the land she had I told her I had a better idea. If she was serious and wanted to build it herself just hauled the logs to my cabin building area in town and I would work with her and teach her how to cut half dovetails and build a nice 12 by 14 cabin. As long as she and her friends were there and working I would help and instruct if she would buy lunch!


Apprentices, Sue and John applying what they are learning to the logs and making good progress. Got a little muddy with the warmer weather so I got and recycled the pine bows that the city took down from the light poles on main street.


  1. This is spectacular! I love that you are sharing what you know with people willing to learn, and your work is beautiful. Keep it coming!

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