Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Raise the yard arms and hoist the ridge mate!

First mate Tommy O at the ready to roll the ridge log up with the parbuckel.

Yard arms rigged with slings so the log can be rolled and two come a-longs to raise the ridge. It was pretty easy to locate, mark and cut the mortises into the ridge with this set up.

Decided to trick out the knee braces with some "real" knotty pine just for fun.

The tricky part was coping out the braces to fit the ridge and king post. The first one was a learning process and took the better part of a day to master the setup for scribing and cutting the brace to fit.
Mission accomplished!

And now it is on to the task of marking and hewing the tops of the perlins flat to receive the roof boards.  This will require the lowering each for hewing and then raising them again for a final check before the roof framing is complete. How much more fun can a guy have?


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