Sunday, April 27, 2014

Log moving and let the chips fly!

Work now begins on the two 24' logs that will make up the sides of the floor frame for the 12 by 16 cabin. That is after you get them out of the rack and into position. No small task, but made a lot easier with the wind generator stand that I have re-purposed into a dandy log mover.

A chain around the log raised by the floor jack secures the log against the top frame of the mover. When balanced this log can be moved easily on the wheels. If more force is needed a snatch block pulley and rope can be used to double the pulling power. 

With the two foundation logs moved and placed on 6X6  sleepers the layout can begin.

After rolling the log to determine the crook (if any) a center line is chosen so that 3 inches of wood is left on either side. Shown here by the two green lines. The ends of the log are marked. The log end center lines will be horizontal when the log is finally placed. The green lines will form the edges of one chop line for each flat side. The log is rolled 180 degrees and and similar lines marked.

Next make saw cuts about every 8-10 inches down to the lines.

Split off the bulk of the wood to be removed.

Using the broad axe to chop down to the line.

With the log turned the side can be finished.

If all goes well here's what you get. One side done one side to go...

Not counting the layout it took about 1.5 hours to do this. Not bad for my first one. 

As I think about hewing these logs I know this is nothing new. One hundred and fifty years ago if you would have told someone that you did this they would not have been impressed. What gets me is every time I pick up one of my antique broad axes to do this work there is no doubt in my mind that this very axe was held and used by someone to perform this very task. There is something very cool about that.  I can almost feel their finger prints on the axe handle.

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