Friday, March 29, 2013

Ugh !!!

It was going to be so easy. Determined the exact location in the van floor and now just use the hole saw to make a 4 inch hole for the drain tube in the battery box. What could could go wrong? 

Like the saying goes, "At the end of a perfect day, look out the days not over yet." Ugh! What was I thinking?  Lucky I stopped to clear out the carpet plug.  Could only think how much worse it could have been.

Two hours later and several inches of jumper wire and shrink tubing and all is well again. Now I know how the power gets back to the back of the van.

Considering that in this conversion all 16 batteries will be in one pack I needed to design a layout and test it to see if my old cables would work. Happily no problems. Can still use the fuse links and only need to add one short jumper cable. Gees, hooking up cables like this makes me nervous. One wrong connection and ZAP! 

Nice sunny day today so I decided to roll the van outside and wash off two years of dirt and grime that had settled on it during storage sitting in the shed. Looking good. Now on to some more wiring and component mounting.

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