Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fast forward to 2013

A bit nippy working on the EV these days but progress on the conversion of the conversion continues! Have completed the motor mounts and have the motor and Omni transmission from the old EV mounted in the 2001 Dodge Caravan.
Using the existing four Caravan mounts I was able to connect the left and right ends of the power plant with a simple plate and angle iron. I had to cut and tweak the Caravan connectors to make the mounts at the front and rear.

 Next item up for business will be the mounting of the Caravans power steering pump. As luck would have it the nice folks at Electro Automotive sent me a double ended motor in 2002, when I was building the Omni EV.  I will now put this shaft to work using it to drive the power steering pump. This should be fun?

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