Thursday, March 15, 2012

100 Posts and no fence?

This marks the milestone of 100 posts to this blog and the completion of four projects.  A 32' Town Lattice covered bridge, help building a 25' Pratt Truss covered bridge in NH, the repair and return to life of a 150 year old log cabin and a nice recycled barn Log Cabin Kit.
 Retirement can be a lot of work!

Had some serious fun with this project. Trying and learning right up to the top with the cutting of rafter pockets in the top plate.
This made the work of setting the roof rafters a dream plus very secure.

I'll make and hang the doors, then board up the gable ends to keep busy while I look for someone that wants a nice DIY Cabin Kit project. This is a good starter cabin kit for someone that wants to get involved in doing what most people only dream about. After it is reassembled, some windows are cut in and roofed imagine sitting by the wood stove drinking a nice cup of hot coffee as the snow piles up outside.


  1. Good job on the cabin. So, did you have an old timer teach you these wood working skills? Or did you just play around and learn yourself by trail?

    1. Thanks rw. Would be nice to run into someone in their eighties (ol' timer) that could light the way for me on these "learning adventures". For the cabin I did a little research, looked at some cabins, made some models and then just let the chips fly. However, I find that wandering down a less traveled pathway and stopping along the way to investigate all the little things opens up a whole new world of experiences and learning for me. Plus look at what you get for your time and effort. Have you ever made any steam whistles?