Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Layout for the Recycle Cabin

Working on what will be the sills for the cabin. 8x8' Oak beams from the barn are half-lapped for the 12' by 14' sides. There will be a porch off the front of the cabin and there will be a step up from it to the cabin floor.

Here is a drawing of the cabin. There will be a half-loft with a window for sleeping overhead. Since there were a limited number of 14' logs from the barn I will be framing in the front and back doors and running the logs to the frames rather than cutting in the door openings. Although this is more work doing this will allow me to save the 14 footers for the top rounds of logs.

If the weather holds I should be able to get the rest of the floor joists notched in.

The wood for Bridge #6 has arrived so now I can split my days between both projects! Should be an interesting winter.

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