Sunday, October 16, 2011

With a little imagination...

We finished the roof of the 150 year old cabin and will be taking a break from this project.

Maybe relax, sit back and enjoy the fall colors? Ya right.
Or squeeze in another little project while waiting for the wood for Cabin Bridge #6. I'll go for the "little" project.                               
                                                          I ask you, "What do you see?"
If you answered a mess or fallen down barn you are right but that is what this " is ". If you use your imagination then you too will be able to see much more...
If your imagination is strong then you will see the treasure below the surface. Getting to it however will require a bit more than just imagination. However a good imagination will serve as the fuel to get the job done.

So I ask again, "What do you see..?" and will keep you posted on the progress of this filler project until the Cabin Bridge #6 wood arrives in Darlington. 

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