Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cedar shingles looking good!

It is slow going but seeing the results makes the effort worth while.

This is about 6 hours of work by three people. Working with the camber and getting started took some time and the other side should move along a bit faster. Alex got to make an "in school fieldtrip" and work part of the day. He got some good firsthand experience and I am sure he will be able to take the lead and see that the job gets finished.
Could not resist the photo op of the sun shining in through the spaces in the roof boards. Something that will not be seen when the roof is complete. 

I will keep you posted as the bridge roof and approaches are finished.

In the mean time it is off to that 150 year old cabin I mentioned. Here is a picture of what we have to work with.
Not much to look at now but will be a real gem and piece of local history when we get done with it. Mitered dovetail joints are used on the corners and several of the bottom logs will need to be replaced. To get the re-building/repair started I have decided to invert the cabin! So the top logs will be placed on the work site area (top side down) and then continue this with each round of logs. After all the repairs and replacements have been made the cabin will be re-re-assembled on a permanent floor deck.
Should make for some new learning and more serious fun! If anyone out there has any experience with this sort of thing I would appreciate hearing from you.

Puzzler - mitered dovetail notch
Tech Vocab - Froe 

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