Wednesday, September 14, 2011

All good projects must come to an end...

Well it has been an interesting past few months learning and working on the South Wayne Community Bridge Project. Many thanks to all the good people that helped make this bridge a reality. It was a pleasure meeting and working with you (I would do it again in a minute).

A special thanks goes out to my student helper, Alex Gertsch and the roofing guys from VS Squared! They really put the "frosting on the cake" as they say with a super cedar shingle roof.
So if you are in the area stop in and have a look and enjoy a few moments of peace looking at this little gem!

Can tell you that material costs for this 32' Town Lattice bridge (not including abutments) ran between $10K and $11K if you are thinking of building one remember, "Crossing a bridge in your future will be a bit easier after you have built one or two."

So now it is on to some more "serious fun" with the 150 year old cabin project.

We have dis-assembled the original cabin and re-assembled it up side down as far as we could.

Now it is time for a trip to the "log store"! The plan is to replace the bottom 6 logs on the back wall of the cabin. Three of the back logs will be re-cut and used as replacements for logs on the rest of the cabin that have rotted. This will keep the aged look of the cabin.

I'll be posting pictures when we start cutting and fitting the mitered dovetail joints in a few weeks.

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