Saturday, October 3, 2020

Gable Ends and bleaching

 So now with the Rake end boards set in place it was time to frame in the Gable ends. I practiced on the solid end and then went on to frame in the window and air conditioner openings.

Next on with the 1/2" sheathing. This will seal off the wall and provide a nailing surface for the rough cedar boards that will be run vertically.

The exposed wood discolors a bit as you can see in the first picture. To brighten it up some a 50/50 mix of bleach and water is sprayed on the surfaces and just like that the wood looks fresh and the grain stands out more. Now with a coat of finish it will stay this way if protected from the elements. More on that later after the roof is on.

So another step along the journey of building Cabin #6 taken. If the weather cooperates I will stain out the cabin and maybe even cut in some outlet and switch box openings next. Or maybe work on surfacing the loft floor boards. Plenty of things to work on. 

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