Monday, June 1, 2015

Rafter notching

First the bottom chords of the roof truss need to be put together. A string line is used to set them straight and ready for drilling.

After careful layout and the drilling of a pilot hole for the first hole a draw bore hole is drilled using a drill guide to keep the drill plumb. The draw bore hole is drilled slightly ahead of the top hole so that when the peg is placed it will draw the scarf joint tight into the squinted ends.

Drive in the first peg. Drill and peg three more times and you have a nice tight joint.

Getting all the bottom chords spaced and centered was next. Then they had to be notched into the top plate so that the top surfaces were all in the same plane. This was important because the two rafters that make up the truss are located off from this surface to keep the roof ridge level. Another fine day of cabin building 101 for Sue and John.

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