Saturday, January 23, 2016

Solar PV system

Have just been goofing off for the past two months after the cabin got reassembled. What's new?

The school district behind my house just put in a 510 panel 153kWh PV system. I took this picture from the top of my 1.5kWh Enertech wind generator. You can see the PV panels on the roof in the back ground.

 The panels are held down by the concrete blocks. There are no roof penetrations.
This bank of six Fronius inverters handle the energy produced by the panels for the grid tie system that is split between the junior high and high school.

Estimates are that $360,000 system will off set 19% of the electricity bought off the grid. Details of the economics and payback for this project are at this time not released.

Another project that is going into the hopper is a unique shelter designed by Jeremy Bonin of Bonin Architects in NH.
I saw some pictures of this design and decided to reverse engineer it. Here is a mock up of the roof and supports.
 When finished this will be part of a tourist information center for the city of Darlington, WI

This will be a timber frame structure with mortise and tenon joinery, old school construction.

 The model is made from 1 inch material. The final project will be made from 6x6 and 6x12 timbers with wooden pegs used to hold it together. Just Google Silver Park shelters Missoula Montana and there is a nice 20 minute clip of the construction of this by the Timber Guild in 2008.

Now with winter here I can get down to the business of drawing the measured plans for the construction when the weather get nice. No more goofing off!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Closing in the Cabin

Cabin owner Tim, on the roof. You can see 2" foam sheet on top of the 2x6 tongue and groove roof boards. The tin sheets are screwed down to make a nice roof sandwich.

Finished roof all trimmed out and connected to the existing cabin to the right.

Lucked out on the weather for this project for sure. This is December!

 Detail showing the nice fit of the boards to the logs in the passage between the two cabins.

Windows trimmed out in the cabin. Three inches of space was left above each window frame for log shrinkage.

Sofit boards in place but need to be trimmed out on end along roof perlin. This overhang is all storage /loft space.

The cabin for the mother-in-law is located just across the yard from the main house. A bit more finish work and she should be able to move in by the new year.