Friday, July 18, 2014

Roof framing with whole trees

Seems like the roof is framed out of whole trees! Tricky but going nicely.

Rigged a nice parbuckle to bring the perlin logs into position for scribing.

A little work with the chainsaw and chisel and the perlins are seated into the top chord of the truss. For now I have bolted them in place with threaded ready rod because the trusses will be taken apart several times during the construction of the cabin. They will be pinned with 7/8" oak pegs after the cabin has been sold and re-assembled for the final time on site.

Should be an interesting week ahead putting on the ridge perlin and then hewing them flat for the roof boards.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Two down one to go

Two log trusses done and one to go. Hoping to finish the third one by the end of June. Then I will cut the first round of bottom logs the get the exact size of the cabin. Once I know this I will set up the three roof trusses and notch in the perlins and ridge log.

Picked up a couple of nice axes at a local flea market this past weekend.  $35 each, considering the Adz had a new handle, pretty good deal. Cleaned up and sharpened nicely. Had to make a handle for the broad axe though.

 Not a problem. Found a nice stick of Ironwood growing in the woods and it made a dandy. Can't wait to try it out.