Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Model cabin work

Model building will be the key to the success of this next cabin project. My design calls for a 12' by 16' cabin with a 5' deck in front. To get the feel for this area I laid it out with some boards I had on hand.

This is just the cabin area. The 5' deck will extend the footprint on the 12' wide end to the right.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had more logs than I had originally estimated and will put this excess to use in the construction of roof trusses for this cabin.

With 98 logs I decided to make a spreadsheet and sort them by length. This gave me a good picture of the quantity of each length that I had for construction.

After doing some searching and sketching I decided to use whole log King Post trusses with log perlins exposed to support the roof boards. Then if necessary go with a built-up roof on top for as much insulation as desired by the buyer.  I bought some 1.25" and 1.0" dowels and set about making a model of the King Post truss and perlins to help me visualize how everything would go together.

The trusses will extend beyond the cabin side walls by 3'. The final detail will be to model up how the trusses will mate up to the walls and the eave sofits be enclosed. To see this I will model a few rounds of the cabin wall. Because I will be using a Saddle notch so I will use my first model I made in 2004 for my first cabin to refresh my memory and then cut the dowels for the new model.

So for now I'll pause on my cabin model work switching gears to spend a little time on the electric vehicle battery change over from sixteen 6 volt batteries to eight 12 volt batteries.


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