Monday, April 21, 2014

EV battery pack replaced

The new 12 volt EV batteries have been installed. It went better than I expected! Nice surprise. The 8 new batteries shaved off 480 pounds of weight over the 6 volt ones but with their lower 150AH rating there will be a loss in range. Time will tell as I learn and record their performance.
 Plenty of room in the battery box.
 $1100 worth of replacements.

Used the rest of the week to work on models for the new log cabin.
First round of logs will require blind dovetail joints to lock in the 4 corners of the bottom logs.

With a saddle carved into the top of the first log the second log can be scribed and notched. The notch can be seen but the groove in the bottom of the log is hard to see. In the background of the picture you can see how it fits together when assembled. This process would continue until the walls are the desired height.

The top log is also the bottom chord of the King post roof truss. A lock notch will be cut to secure it in place. The lock notch design keeps more wood in the bottom chord notch area for more log strength. This is important because much of the roof load is carried by the out rigger perlin at each eave.

And the final result of the roof truss system mated to the cabin walls looks like this.

Next up?  The foundation logs and floor system.

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