Thursday, November 3, 2011

Good Exersize...

No need to go too (hello Luke) the gym and lift weights after loading and racking the first half of the log floor joists! 12' and 14' Oak logs flattened on two sides to 6" thickness. At the top of the picture you can see the rack of 2x6's that will be used for rafters and floor joists. All Oak! Should make for some interesting nailing.

Then on the "brighter side" I took the power washer to the barn boards and cleaned them up. Should make some nice roof boards for a fine recycle cabin project this winter.



  1. Not sure why you're pointing me out about the "Exercize" thing. I'm not actually a fan of the gym. I much prefer a good run or bike ride!


    P.S. Exercise is spelled with a C and S

  2. Luke you missed the joke - it was in the two to, too's from one of your previous comments. However good to see someone is reading and keeping an eye on me. I consider myself to be a creative speller and it drove Doug Mcarthur nuts! :-)